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Artist Spotlight: Elinor Turner

One of the newest additions to the MerseyMade studio family, Elinor Turner, has brought her stunning monochromatic work and calming presence into our often chaotically creative environment.

The Yin to our Yang if you'd like.

Starting painting during lockdown, Elinor's journey is similar to many of our customers. Of only just finding her passion but following it with the vigour and determination that we wish all who delve into the arts would do.

Finding safety in her paints and canvasses, she escaped the loneliness of lockdown and has continued to expand her horizons, whilst aptly painting them.

Focuses and Inspiration

Natural elements exist within every one of Elinor's pieces. From free flowing feathers, to intimidating mountains, all represent a sense of determination and opportunity, something Elinor was set to achieve when beginning her creative journey. But it wasn't solely the hardships of lockdown that led to such explorations, with Elinor holding on to memories of her Grandpa painting mountain scenes when she was younger, she was simply returning home when she herself began to depict them. Continuing her Grandpa's legacy whilst pushing forward and forging her own artistic path.


You'll often find Elinor cross-legged on her studio floor. Grounded and calm, leaning into her creative outlet. Embracing the joy and focus that she grasped ahold of when overwhelmed during this recent uncertainty. Utilising mindfulness and the beauty of being in the moment continues to guide her in life and in art. The ebbs and flows of life are captured in a single, fixed moment and translated onto the canvas in front of her.


When making that first paint selection, Elinor simply picked up black and white and never looked back. The monochromatic aesthetic she has taken on is sometimes accompanied by natural wood or cotton, with her work remaining simple and elegant in appearance, no matter the complexity of the art upon closer inspection. It relays back to her calming attitude, the desire she has to convey peace in each piece rather than overwhelm the senses with an influx of colour and movement.


As has been touched upon, Elinor found sanctity in her painting during lockdown and has continued pursuing her newly found talent ever since. Embracing the calmness that it offers her whilst pursuing studies in Homeopathy. Her hard work and determination are balanced by these moments of tranquillity found in the studio, surrounded by paint, canvases and her mind awash with inspiration.

Ever Developing

Part of the joy of Elinor being such a new addition to both the MerseyMade family and the wider art community is that we have been privy to witness her development. As she explores new mediums and challenges herself, both ourselves and you who visit our artist studios are able to witness the very essence of what it is to develop as an artist. As Elinor so often explains, everyone's path is different, which is likely why we love being able to observe the route she is taking on this journey, as it is different to ours. With trial, error and triumph, we are seeing this artist grow before our very eyes and it continues to be a joy. With gratitude and thankfulness, Elinor has found friendship in her fellow artists, who have seen her potential at such an early period of her career and continue to push her to push herself.

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