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Artist Spotlight – Gothenburg Print

Say hello to Gothenburg Prints. With every piece paying homage to her love of film, cult tv, fashion and pop culture, Gothenburg Prints’ bold, graphic designs are an aesthetic minefield.

Touching on niche elements, stills, objects and messages from her favourite cultural moments, GP has curated the perfect prints to allow fellow fans to display their favourite films, tv shows etc discreetly.

So, in this artist spotlight, we’re diving into just what GP has to offer… Hopefully, something will catch your eye.



The Shining is an aesthetic masterpiece, even the carpet is memorable. So share your love for a twisted tale of discomfort in a softer, more palatable way with this gorgeous 2×2 grid design highlighting some of the film’s most memorable detailings. With an almost warm, autumnal colour palette, most unsuspecting visitors wouldn’t expect this piece to be a nod to a horror masterpiece.



The heartwarming Schitt’s Creek is a cult classic of TV, celebrating queer tropes, realistic family values and exploring tough storylines with the love and humour they often need, it’s beloved by fans across the world. For many, Rosebud Motel means very little, but for those who love the show, they’re well aware of the centre point the location offers for Dan Levy’s masterpiece. Pinks and reds are so in this season too, so it’s a win win for any fan and design lover.



The master of aesthetic filmmaking, Wes Anderson is a muse to many designers, with unusually beautiful locations, pristine costuming and characters with personality. It makes complete sense that GP is so influenced with his style. Be it the Tenanbaums or the Grand Budapest Hotel, you can celebrate the genius of Anderson and the beautiful way in which his work lends itself to these digital creations.



Lovers of Stranger Things know all about that 80s aesthetic. A nod to when neon was cool and hairspray was overused, it’s no surprise the show is such a big hit. Starcourt is one of biggest symbols of the 80s within the show, with mall culture being a vital and important part of teen life in the era. So celebrate the show and you’re love for the cheesiest decade so far with this fabulous print. We’re envisioning a disco ball in the vicinity, with Wham! playing on cassette nearby.



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