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Artist Spotlight: McCready Bag

Recently moving back to Liverpool, Alistair McCready has left his Brighton shop behind and brought his fabulous wares back up north. From intricately patchworked recycled denim to heroes like Bowie and Divine gracing the front of his pieces, these one-of-a-kind creations have quickly become a firm favourite amongst customers and staff alike.

Small Purse

Whether using it as a money purse or a small pouch for headphones/mints/lip balm and any other essentials, this item is perfect for day-to-day use. Not only is it aesthetically attractive, but it is durable and ready to be thrown out of one bag and into another.

Liberty London Pouch

Whilst our in-house studio artist Jenny Dunlop grabbed one of these to use as a pencil case, plenty of our customers have picked it up as a make-up bag. Using beautiful Liberty London fabric, and with ‘love from Liverpool’ neatly sewn across the front, it’s not only a lovely gift to yourself, but for those who maybe don’t come from the area. Because why get a useless trinket to take back home, when you can get something as versatile and beautiful as this.

Neon Pouch

With a bold ‘LIVERPOOL’ print emblazoned on the front and an even bolder coloured pouch, this piece is perfect for those who refuse to blend into the background. Slimmer than the other pouches, this design would slip into any laptop bag, rucksack or tote with ease.

Denim Pouch

These pouches feature intricately patchworked recycled denim. With a variety of textures, designs and even zippers used, they repurpose a beautiful and hardy material to live another day. With our current stock featuring Bowie, neon stripes and more, we’re constantly excited to see what the next batch will bring. Because out of all of McCready’s creations, these are the most overtly unique.

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