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Celebrating Our Mums

Many know that MerseyMade was built from the ground up by mums.

It’s filled with the memory of those who have left us, those who lead us and those that support us.

So, this Mother’s Day, it only felt right that we celebrate our fabulous mums and all that they have done and continue to do for us.


Vicky, Joe, Ben, Sam and Jess

As a mum of four, MerseyMade’s founder Vicky definitely found it the hardest to find a photo of her and her kids. You try wrangling four kids together, never mind in front of a camera.

Thankfully, she found answering our questions a lot easier.

What have your kids taught you?

V: They’ve taught me lots. Mainly to be patient. They’ve also taught me to look at things from another perspective, they’re a lot more opinionated than me. I love being a part of something, being a part of a family. They’re so kind and fun, they do call me the fun sponge when I tell them their party has to finish at midnight, but someone has to do it.

What lesson have you passed on from your mum to your kids?

V: My mum was an inspiration. She taught me to listen, be thoughtful and be honest. I still remember when she sent me to my bed early once for lying about going to the sweet shop. She had good values. One of the best lessons she taught me is that everyone has a story. She talked to everyone and was really social. I hope I’ve passed that value on to my kids.

What’s the best present you’ve received from your kids?

V: I remember one Mother’s Day when I wasn’t there, they all got together and baked me a cake and drew pictures with chalk on the flags outside. It was such a lovely treat to come home to.


Jenny, Kristen, Romy and Inke

The Dunlop family are a fixture here at MerseyMade.

The fabulous Jenny is not only a studio artist but serves as our creative director, supporting Vicky in setting up and running MerseyMade.

With Kristen running Nails by Kristen, Romy working in our cafe whilst studying at university and Inke being a regular visitor, they’re a vital part of the MerseyMade family.

It felt only right to ask Jenny all about being a mum this Mother’s Day.

What’s it like working with your daughters?

J: I love working with them. MerseyMade is a very different environment from ‘home life’. I get to catch up with them and become more than their mum, more like a really good friend. We see different sides of one another and I think it has brought us closer.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned being a mum?

J: Patience!!

What’s your favourite present?

J: Hugs. They’re always my favourite. You can spend all of the money in the world on me, but nothing beats a big hug.


Kate and Debbie

Our Admin Assistant, Kate, gave us some of our favourite answers.

And we think you’ll agree, she’s a pretty great present-giver.

What’s the biggest lesson your mum has taught you?

K: Not to give up on things but to know when to leave something behind.

What’s the best present you’ve given your mum?

K: I surprised her with theatre tickets. I managed to get her outside the theatre doors just as the show was about to start before I told her. She cried.

What’s something you’d avoid buying your mum?

K: She doesn’t like gifts for the sake of gifts. She’d rather I bought her a small bunch of her favourite flowers than something thoughtless and last minute. Thought is key.


Ava and Leslee

Ava, our fabulous barista, sat down and told us all about her mum ahead of Mother’s Day.

Living in Australia, we might not be meeting Leslee any time soon, but we can’t wait until we finally get to. She sounds fabulous!

What’s it like living away from your mum?

A: It was hard at the start but now it’s fine. I’ve been away for four years now. We call a lot though, every day most weeks.

What’s your mum’s favourite type of present?

Something that’s handmade. It has to be meaningful.

This one time, I was about nine, I went through the photo drawer and cut out everyone’s faces and made a collage, I put my handprints on it too. She still has it framed. I once made her a big crochet blanket too for her birthday.

What are the best lessons your mum has passed on to you?

Never judge anyone. Do anything that makes you happy. No one can tell you what to do. Be kind.


Megan and Helen

Our Marketing Officer Megan dug out this photo of her and her Mum, Helen, and we have to say, how fabulous is that Bob the Builder scooter!

As her mum’s biggest fan, it took her a while to find answers that did her mum justice. But we think she did a fab job!

What’s your favourite memory with your mum?

M: Probably when we would take trips in the car, with Prince or Mika on full blast, singing at the top of our lungs. I say this like those days have been and gone, we still do the exact same thing every time we can.

What’s your mum’s favourite present?

M: Anything with thought gone into it will bring a tear to her eye. It’s just important to make an effort with mum’s gifts, even if I don’t spend a lot. If there’s thought there, she’s happy.

What’s the biggest lesson your mum has taught you?

M: She’s taught me to be kind, but to always put myself first. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

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