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Meet Nataliia!

Ever wondered who creates our beautiful Ukrainian cake range? Meet Nataliia! Nataliia has been with us for a little while now and her cakes are the talk of the town. We have had a leisurely chat with the young pastry chef to find out a little more about the story behind the woman behind the cakes –


MerseyMade: Thank you Nataliia for taking a little break from baking to have a chat with us.

Nataliia: No problem. It’s a pleasure (she giggles)

MM: When did you discover baking for yourself?

N: It was about 8 years ago. I was running a little café where I lived in the Ukraine. At some stage I decided to take up a course in Marshmallow making and that was when I fell in love with sweet bakes and pastry. I developed a true passion for exploring and trying out new techniques and mastering them.

MM: Did someone teach you?

N: I am a trained pastry chef and have been training and working with some inspiring chefs along the way but I am always looking at ways to implement new skills. It is an ongoing journey for me.

MM: What is your favourite thing to bake? And why?

N: Ooh I love working with creams! (she says with an excited look on her face). I just love playing around with different textures and flavours. I am really glad I decided to become a pastry chef rather than a normal chef because I much prefer the smell of sweet treats to onions (she jokes).

MM: How many cakes on average do you bake in a week?

N: In a week? Wow, let me think…It must be at least 300 portions.

MM: How did you start baking for MerseyMade?

N: My mum was taking part in a charity event for Ukraine. She was giving out food to homeless people and me and my two little men joined her. We ended up chatting to an Ukrainian lady who turned out to be related to Vicky (our founder- Vicky Gawith). After the event she packed us all up in her car and drove us to MerseyMade to introduce us to everyone. I clicked with the team straightaway and they liked my work so they asked me to come on board. This was a week before Eurovision and I was so proud to contribute and represent Ukraine in my own way during the event.

MM: What do you like about Liverpool?

N: The people (without hesitation and with a big smile on her face). They are so warm and friendly. Liverpool has a lightness to it. Oh, and the River Mersey. I love living so close to water. It is amazing (she breaks into her infectious laugh that we all love so much here at MerseyMade)

MM: One last question- What is your vision for the future?

N: To become Liverpool’s most popular café! I have worked in quite a few kitchens and what we offer here is different and of such great quality combine that with a lovely atmosphere and I am confident that it won’t take people long to recognise that.


We are so grateful to have Nataliia here with us at MerseyMade. You can try her delicious cakes and pastries today! Just look at these mouthwatering bakes…

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