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Wanderlust Soy Wax Candle


Product Description

[noun] A Strong and irresistible desire to travel and explore the world. The need to seek new adventures and to explore new destinations.

Being from a sea-facing port city, it’s no surprise that Liverpool is a melting pot of daydream believers, imagineers and creatives, more concerned with what’s beyond the Mersey, than what lies inland. From the “Ten Pound Poms” who voyaged to Australia in search of a better life, the football fans of the 80s who took over Europe to the gap year students, backpacking across the world in search of new experiences, travel is in our DNA.

This whimsically, fruity aroma combines the richness of pomegranateplum and raspberry with a base of ambercedarwood, and musks to transport you to those faraway places where you dream of visiting or long to return.

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