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Reasons To Shop Colourful This Friday

Another Black Friday is here! And despite the incredible discounts being offered, small businesses still need your support. That's why we're supporting #campaignshopindependent this Black Friday. 

With big businesses continuing to thrive despite the recent pandemic, independent creatives have had to adapt, innovate and persevere to stay afloat. So, shop Colourful Friday and vote with your money by supporting your local bakery, coffee shop and independent artist in any way you can!

And if that isn't a convincing enough reason for you to shop small, we've compiled a few more below...

Beautiful Products

Independent makers produce beautiful, handcrafted and one-off items. Imagine the look on your loved ones face as they open their present and see something so perfectly them. No redundant socks or aftershave box sets from you this year. Find a breathtaking framed photograph of their favourite place, a custom illustration of their beloved pet, a cushion made from vintage fabric. Get them something that they will truly cherish instead of a present for the sake of a present.

Value You Can Trust

Many companies increase their prices strategically prior to Black Friday, so that incredible discount you're getting may not be all it is cracked up to be.

Shopping independently allows you to avoid this stress. The prices makers put on their products are carefully selected, considering value, materials, time and energy, not trickery. Their prices are just and reflect their process.

Contribute Local

Buying from your local creative puts money back into the local economy. It provides local people jobs, local people the chance to chase their dream and the local community the opportunity to grow and develop.

Campaigners often tell people to vote with their money. And we couldn't agree more. Where your money goes matters.

Happy Dance

Big businesses don't do a happy dance every time they sell an item. For them, every purchase is just another number. For our makers, every sale is proof that what they are doing has value, that their dreams have come to fruition and that their hard work is paying off. Believe us when we say that every item bought from an independent artist results in a big smile from them.


Have you ever been unlucky enough to be bought a present that you already have? Or worse, have you bought someone else a perfect copy of something that they already own. Well, say goodbye to gift duplication. With handmade items, you need not worry anymore. Purchasing a handmade item means you can be safe in the knowledge that not only is it the only item one of its kind, but that it is a beautiful item that will be cherished.

Mental Wellbeing

Shopping on Black Friday can easily be one of the most stressful things you can do. It is overwhelming, chaotic and people are often unnecessarily angry. Break away from the norm and take a minute to look after yourself. It's not the end of the world if you don't get that deal, so don't harm your mental wellbeing by attempting to do so. Visit spaces that inspire and calm, shop patiently and with a positive outlook. It will make your overall shopping experience nicer, more fulfilling and you will spend carefully, instead of impulse buying just to get it over with.

Look After The Planet

As attractive as next day shipping is, it's not great for the planet. Pop into shops to support independents, visit makers markets, local cafes and buy experiences. Don't get something that will just end up in landfill, unwanted. Be careful in your selection and get something that is too incredible to ever throw away!


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