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Advent Day 1 – Spice Kitchen

Behind today’s door, we have Sanjay and the team behind Spice Kitchen! Their gorgeous sari wrapped spice tins have been a Christmas favourite amongst the MerseyMade family, so we just had to have them be a part of our advent celebration. 

They shared with us the joy of seeing the world through youthful eyes and the beauty of cooking this festive period.

What's your favourite thing about the festive season?

Without a doubt, it's the chance to spend quality downtime with my wife and daughter, my parents and my friends.

We all lead such busy lives, and the lead up to the festive season is the busiest time of year for Spice Kitchen, but once those last orders go out of the door, I know I've done everything I can to support our customers for the year. Which means I can dedicate all my time and energy to my family.

We always make a big deal out of Christmas, and of course, my daughter Zara is still young and so the festive season is still magical for her.

Name one thing you'd encourage others to do over this festive season.

It will sound like such a cliche, but cooking together as a family is something I would love people to do more! I always involve my daughter in mealtime preparations, giving her a small job such as washing the veggies or asking her to help with mixing. It's a way of spending quality time together, it gets children interested in food, and they learn so much along the way.

How do you express your creative side?

Again, it's a cliche, but for me, food and cooking is my favourite way to express my creativity and spend most of my weekends tinkering around in the kitchen.

I am all about encouraging others to throw away the rule book and experiment with food. What can go wrong? Even if something doesn't work out, then we can learn from it and do something different.

People are often very nervous about experimenting, but I'm always telling them to go for it! You never know; you might end up creating something truly amazing along the way.

What's the best present you've ever given and why?

This year, one of my team turned 50, and I found a local cake maker to make this awesome, elaborate cake, which was a true reflection of her personality and interests. I think because it was so personal, she was really touched. I love going to that extra bit of effort for someone to give them a gift they will love and remember for years to come.

What does MerseyMade mean to you?

At Spice Kitchen, we love Merseymade for so many reasons. It's a great place to meet like-minded small businesses and makers, to be connected with true creativity in the local area and also, it's been a great place for us to hold some of our team meetings too. All in all, it's a pretty amazing place! 

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