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Advent Day 13 – Jenny Dunlop

A MerseyMade original, we had to include our creative director, Jenny Dunlop, in our Christmas advent. 

Her dog obsession, creative, Christmas-loving self shone when we asked her our questions. Check out her answers to learn more about her recent commissions and find out how she relaxes over her busiest period.

What's your favourite thing about the festive season?

Taking my dogs for a walk in the crisp weather. It’s even better if it’s snowing. And going from that ice cold temperature to the warmth of the house when you get back. I love it.

Name one thing that you'd encourage others to do over this festive season.

Donate to a charity. So many services are stretched at this time of year. And as you’re buying presents, remember others are not so fortunate.

What does MerseyMade mean to you?

MerseyMade is my creative home. It’s something I’ve helped to build up but something that has allowed my business to grow at the same time. As an artist, you grow up hearing that you’re never going to “make it”, whatever that means, but being a part of MerseyMade is just further proof that I have.

How do you express your creative side?

I’m the creative director of MerseyMade on top of creating my own artwork. So, the shop displays, the windows, I express my creativity through it all.

What's the best present you've ever given and why?

My customers often tell me the best present they’ve given is what they have commissioned of me, so I’m going to claim them as my best presents.

I get a lot of custom pieces around this time of year, a family pet, a childhood home, a wedding venue, I’ve had it all. They’re people’s happy memories made visual.

My favourite of these custom orders of late was of Ernie, my friends’ beautiful dog who is no longer with us. His big smile and his Christmas glasses, it’s been one of my favourite pieces of the year, never mind this Christmas.

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