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Advent Day 14 – Season Swim

As seen in British Vogue, Season Swim is the creation of our very own Elli Wilson.

Designed by her and sourced sustainably, these stunning items are a must have for your upcoming holidays and the warm weather we’re praying for this summer.

What's your favourite thing about the festive season?

I love the Christmas lights and the festive spirit.

Name one thing that you'd encourage others to do over this festive season.

Shop local, shop with small businesses.

It's hard sometimes, easier to go to the bigger companies, but you're helping local people when you shop independent.

What does MerseyMade mean to you?

MerseyMade is an extremely welcoming and creative space where every time you visit, you're guaranteed a lovely time.

How do you express your creative side?

My creative style is free, minimal and classic.

I pour all of my creative energy into Season Swim, it's 100% me and my style.

In my free time I like to travel (when possible) and work out, so that definitely helps when I come to working on Season.

What's the best present you've ever given and why?

I was born on Christmas Day so I could say myself, right?

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