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Advent Day 6 – Little Light Stitchery

A firm Christmas favourite, Nicky’s funny, wholesome and rude hoops all fly out over the festive period.

They bring a smile to the face of those who buy them and we’re sure the same goes for those who receive them. And that’s exactly what a present should do, with Nicky stressing the importance of buying gifts that are right for those receiving them, not buying for the sake of it, from a big brand.

What's your favourite thing about the festive season?

I love the atmosphere! I'm a sucker for Christmas songs, decorations, lovely food. It's also the time of year that we meet up with friends that we perhaps haven't seen in ages which is really special for me. My urban family is almost as important as my family family!

Name one thing that you'd encourage others to do over this festive season.

Not get hung up on everything being perfect! Go with the flow and remember that it isn't about who has the most stuff! I love shopping for gifts for my friends and family but it's so important not to go crazy buying unnecessary stuff! There are so many amazing local indie businesses and shops to support, there is absolutely no need to use the likes of Amazon.

What does MerseyMade mean to you?

The community of Liverpool creatives is such a strong one and MerseyMade does a lot to support and encourage us all to do our thing!

How do you express your creative side?

That's a tricky one! My first creative love will always be needlework but alongside that, I love collecting quotes and sayings to use in my work.

What's the best present you've ever given and why?

And that's even harder to answer! I love presents that show the person has thought about me (rather than just a random pair of socks!) and last Christmas one of my besties gave me a necklace with a lightbulb on it (similar to my business logo), I wear it with pride all of the time now and it really boosts my confidence!

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