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Artist Spotlight: Andrea McShane

Andrea McShane is a Prague-born wire jewellery maker and designer based in Liverpool. Andrea creates bold and unique jewellery that is easy to wear. Her bold statement pieces make you stand out from the crowd without being overdressed and her wonderful creations range from earrings and rings to colourful necklaces and brooches.

Andrea moved to the UK in 1994 and worked in London before settling in Liverpool where she married her musician/artist husband! For many years Andrea worked for a well-known hairdressing company as a salon manager but all the while her creative itch was growing stronger and stronger. Andrea started experimenting with ideas by making pieces for friends and family before creating bespoke commission pieces for customers. 

Andrea took the plunge and decided to leave her job and focus full time on developing her ideas into a jewellery making business. Working from home allows her to keep a good work/life balance. 

Andrea utilises many different materials from copper, steel and sterling silver to rare minerals like fluorite and mother of pearl. 

You can shop Andrea’s statement jewellery both in-store and online! 

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